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Heracletos, 500 years before century, said that nothing had changed except the change itself. Such rapid change has been felt since the turn of the millennium, creating a new generation with new needs.

MAHAKARYA comes with an innovative and creative approach, to bring the property, human resource, business law and hospitality management able to adapt to the wants and needs of a new generation. We are determined, wherever we are present, to explore and revive a variety of local wisdom, so that it becomes part of the experience of present and future generations.

We believe, creativity to present strong character and unique services, can provide competitiveness to respond to the intense competition in the consultancy industry today.

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PT. MAHAKARYA CITRA HARTIKA, we are experts in Property, Human Resource, Business Law and Hospitality Management. In order to make your project a reality or improve one that is already up and running, you need investors. In order to invest, you need professionals capable of obtaining the right information and analyzing it sensibly in a fruitful way.

Making decisions, in one way or another, is crucial in determining whether your project will head towards success or failure. Use our services and ensure you make the right decisions.


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We are committed in delivering innovative and unique top-notch ideas that balance the needs of our clients, our partner, our communities and our business.

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Jl. Tunjung Tutur No 1
Kel. Ubung Kaja, Kec. Denpasar
Denpasar Utara 80115

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